Hey you! – Hello to my long term targets.

So my next challenge is to upload a post for my ‘readers’ although I’m not all together sure who you might be – if you even are anyone at all.

Since I’m not sure anyone will actually read my blog. I’m going to take this post to set myself a few little targets I’ve been thinking about.

My 2 long term targets

I’m giving myself a year. A year to sell 24 items. That’s 2 sales a month. This does of course depend on seasonal themed items and times of the year where our bank accounts are looking a little worse for wear (I’m talking about you January!) blah blah blah. But yes, target number 1 – 24 sales in 12 months.

Commit! I need to put my heart and soul into into every thing i do, not just my favourite bits (like sitting in my craft room for days! So when i set myself a task. I’m going to complete it. I am going to see this throuhg even if it’s just for 12 months.

Now, wordpress have told me to add a new element on here that i haven’t done before, like a picture. So here’s a picture of me at my first ever craft fair! at-my-first-ever-craft-fair


Who I am, and why I’m here?

So, day one of blogging! I’ve signed up to wordpress in the past for my previous business but didn’t really stick to posting so i thought I’d give it another shot. Hence starting a fresh.

My ‘business’ has changed however, so tomorrow (or today depending on how you look at it) marks the day of starting a new venture. I’ll be keeping the same name, but changing from making bow ties for pets to making quilted mug rugs and coasters – as well as potentially other home decor items but we’ll talk about expanding later if it should happen.

So what made me change? We very sadly lost our dog a couple of months ago, he was my best friend and my inspiration for creating felt bows and bandannas. Although i lost my get up and go for making those things, I’ve not lost my passion for sewing and creating. I did a craft show a couple of years ago selling bow ties etc, but I took along some of the fabric coasters i had made just to see if anyone liked them. They turned out to be the best things i sold! I have also had a couple of friends move into new homes this year and have gifted them with fabric coasters, they have all been over the moon with them and so i thought i’d have a go at making and selling on ETSY and facebook.

So here we go! Tomorrow i’ll be diving into my stash of fabric and making a few different things to list on etsy. I’ll be updating my facebook page as well as a few other things like re-designing my business card, logo, all POS type things. And we are going to see how it goes!

I’ll be using this blog to keep a log of everything that happens, setting myself goals and targets to hit and using it as a general remindiner. And of course if you’re reading along then welcome to my journey! Here we go!