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The best winter skin care – The Body Shop

I’m pretty sure its not just me who has awful, dry, dull, sensitive skin in the winter! Turns out a little trip to The Body Shop was all that was needed.

The main problem for many of us in the winter I think, is dryness. I have found that cleansing balms are the best way to tackle this and the best one i have tried so far is The Body Shops Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. A little goes a long long way, it literally melts the make-up and daily build up of general yucky-ness off of my face.

I usually massage it in with my finger tips but if I’m feeling particularly dry I use the Super Soft Cleansing brush. It very gently exfoliates your skin leaves it feeling extremely soft. If I don’t feel the need for extra exfoliation, I just remove the cleanser and all is has picked up with a muslin cloth and very warm water. Having the water a little warmer than you usually would creates the same steamy effect you would get if you were to use a hot cloth cleanser. After squeezing the water from the cloth, quickly rest it on your face for a sauna type effect, it feels AMAZING!

Every few days i like to treat myself to a Warming Mineral Mask, thinly spreading it over wet skin. Taking in the soothing, warm feeling it leaves behind and the mellow smell of ginger in this one just makes you feel just that little bit more toasty inside and its a nice bit of luxury for your skin.

I’ll usually finish up with my night time moisturiser which is currently No7 skin perfect and protect night cream. However if i do this in the morning i’ll pop on the day cream and then continue with my usual make up routine.

What is your favourite Winter skin treatment?

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Winter Walkies


Love wrapping up warm to take my little fella for a walk. The top and scarf are my absolute favourites!! This season ive been obsessed with the plum & pink & grey combo. The one of the many benefits of my bows is that he has one to match every one of my outfits!

Collar bows £3 each from Tara’s Treasures

Black stars collar £4-£6, Black stars lead £5, Degradable poo bags £2.50 All from pets at home

Black Jeggings £12.99, Plum long sleeve jersey top £7.99. Scarf £7.99. All H&M

Wellingtons £9.99 Deichman

Coat £55 Yours clothing


Where it all began.

So if I haven’t told you already, I make Bows. Bows for dogs! It all started as a shared interest of all things pretty and poochy. I work in a pet shop in the West Midlands. We sell lots and lots of dog clothing and fashion accessories and I noticed that although there are plenty of practical jumpers and coats and some very cute little dresses, t-shirts and seasonal outfits, there isn’t a very big variety collar accessories.

So I made my own! To begin with it was a case of finding a few scrap pieces and seeing what i could turn them into, then I realised there are a HUGE variety of materials out there just waiting for me to get my crafty little paws on! So I made a little Christmas selection and off i went to my first ever Christmas craft fair. It was fantastic, meeting lots of other people who were just as passionate about what they do as i was. I didn’t make hundreds of pounds but people loved my items and each one had people interested in them, I loved chatting to my ‘customers’ – it feels a little strange calling them that – and a few people took business cards so not only was I selling a few products but I was getting my name out there and networking.


So now it’s a ‘thing’. A thing that i do. I have my own craft room with a desk, storage (although not enough of it in my opinion) and I’m on my way to starting my own business. It’s really scary, but even more so exciting

I love the whole process of what I do, from selecting the fabrics and ribbons to sitting in my craft room with my foot on the pedal of my sewing machine, Netflix on my iPad and just…creating. Even designing my business cards, packing up orders and taking a trip to the post office to send them off gives me a thrill, although not as much as receiving a message with a picture of the customers dog attached modeling their new accessory!

So like me, if you have an idea that YOU like the sound of, then I say GO FOR IT. Do more of what makes you happy and although at times you may doubt yourself, never give up. This is just the beginning of my journey and I don’t know what is around the corner, but I’m going to make sure it’s an adventure!

Tara. xoxo


First blog post

So this is blogging huh? I tried blogging once when i was younger…much younger, and far too easily distracted. Now – maybe i still get a little distracted, but more so today by the excitement of my new washing machine being delivered as apposed to 8 years ago when it was the excitement of a wild night out on the town with my girls followed by a hangover that could last 3 days!

It says on the start up that i should write my first post about why I’m starting a blog. I suppose there are quite a few reasons. Over the past year or so it has been pointed out to me by a few friends and family that I spend so much time and effort and money making what I do (we’ll get into that in a while) that i should get something back from it. Now I’m happy creating away in my craft room but last year, I got he chance to take part in a craft fair and I cant believe how much I enjoyed it. Yes i got to sell some of the things I had worked hard to create, but I also got to meet some really lovely people who are in the same boat as me – I’ve never had that before. What I do is a fairly solitary craft, as theirs is for them. So being sat there in that room chatting away about our experiences and ideas was one of the highlights of my year.

And that is why I’m blogging. To share. Experiences, adventures, ups and downs, mistakes and Ideas. And that is why I’m hoping other would like to read my blog. A common interest, to share their experiences and meet new people – maybe not in person, but sometimes it’s nice to know that you can pop onto your computer at the end of a hard day where your hot glue gun has blown up and leaked all over your new decoupage paper or where you’ve knocked your coffee over an order despite telling yourself ‘no hot drinks on the desk!’ or even where you have sold your 100th order and you want someone to sympathize or to celebrate with.

So if you’re reading and you’ve made it this far, thank you! I’d like to say I’ll be posting twice a week, it’s a goal to set anyways so we shall see! If anyone isn’t reading then I suppose its going to be a nice place for me to vent and store my ideas!

See you on the next post!

Tara xoxo